Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2010

Thank you all for sharing and exchange knwoledge and experience. From left Mariana Claro, Brit Andresen, Milca Severo (me),  Peter Stutchbury, Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stuchberry, Glenn Murcutt, Xavier San Giorgi and Lindsay Johnson.



The 3 more important rules in architecture: simplicity, simplicity and simplicity. Thank you Glenn Murcutt for spreading with simplicity your profound and extense knwoledge about architecture.

Eco-affordable house

 ‘allow your passion, energy and thirst for life to sculpt you into the masterpiece that you are. follow your heart always and dont be afraid to take risks’

 Award  project 2007.  Viamao/RS

Brazil. 2007

Project & drawings by Milca Severo